a business course like no other...

Backend Pleasure

An 8-week deep dive immersion into building the backend structures of your business, with deep pleasure, so you can start making some serious impact and making that hot money honey.


You wake up without an alarm, take as long as you want with your morning routine, sip your coffee slowlyyyyy, read a chapter or two of your book, stretch, smile, knowing that your days schedule is All. Up. To. You. Boo.

Oh...and when you finally do check your phone....you've made money in your sleep. Double Yum.

Because you’ve become your own boss.

And running your own biz has created total freedom & liberation in your life. 

So you can do whatever TF you want. 
You can follow your energetic waves.
You can rest when you’re tired.
And move when spirit tells you to.


Where she feels expanded, liberated & free.

Where she is making impact on the collective.

But she knows that to create big impact AND lead from feminine pleasure,
she needs the masculine container to hold her, To support her.
To build structure. To create Systems. Lay the Foundations.

So she can feel SAFE.


This is a business container like no other, An intensive immersion, to setup your business in the shortest possible timeframes (cos the world needs your magic asap).

Biz Strategy, Tech Setup, Connection to Spirit, Mindset Work, Energetic Clearing & so much more...

Are you ready to build your legacy?

Let's go there together.

Laying the Foundations of Your Multi 6-Figure Fempire

full body f*ck yes

Backend Pleasure is for...

is this you?

you're tired of the 9-5 hustle and want to leave the world that confines you to a box & places a glass ceiling over your head

you have regular  ‘I am meant for more than this’ moments, when doing mundane work, that you 100% know is out of alignment 

you have tech phobia/trauma & break into a sweat thinking about how everything connects together, so you bury your head in the ground & give up

you've listened to all the podcasts, signed up to way to many free & paid mini business courses, but aren't seeing results

you desire a life of time, location & financial freedom beyond your wildest dreams

you have a sneaky feeling that there are energetic blocks stopping you from claiming your true desires in life & business

your soul is calling you forward to serve the collective in a BIG way

You're a woman who is ready to throw caution to the wind, say f*ck yes to the magical & mystical, back yourself, play in the quantum & fully step into who you came here to be on this planet.

It's your time. We are waiting.

you want to stop trading your time for money, because that is not a vibe

the thought of making money in your sleep seriously turns you on

you've opted out the 'hustle' culture & want to lead from pleasure & ease

Behind the scenes of any successful feminine led business, the CEO is ‘doing the work’, diving into personal development, exploring their patterns, their blocks & anything that is holding them back. These calls will be a place of deep healing, expansion, manifestation & so much more. 

weekly embodiment ritual
( 1 hour)


My Higher Self has been very clear on one thing....its time to breakdown the old paradigm structures of 'strict' call times. So these 2 hr handholding Q&As give you the opportunity to connect at a time window that works for YOU. Receive intimate coaching on tech setup, strategy, mindset blocks  & business energetics.

weekly live 'drop in' handholding Q&A
(2 hours - join when you want!)


Easy step-by-step video tutorials to set up the technical foundations of your business, so people can start paying you.

PRE-RECORDED TECH TUTORials for website design, booking systems, online course creation, email lists, bookkeeping & much  more


Whats Included


1 x 1:1 intimate coaching call with me
(90 mins)

A deeply intimate 1:1 90 min session with me to deep dive into strategy, tech, mindset, energetics & receive personalised support. 


business Higher Self Reading with Julia McCarthy (60 mins)

A Higher Self reading with Julia will be the most transformational and clarifying 1 hour session you can have for your business! She’ll connect with your Higher Self & channel through exactly what she needs to transit to you. She’ll cut the crap & get straight to the juice! 

Side note: Backend Pleasure was channelled in my HS reading with Julia back in October. I am forever grateful for her work.


private facebook community to connect with your fellow sisters

A place of sharing & deep celebrations with your Sisters! The journey of entrepreneurship can feel lonely, so having badass women who are walking the path with you....is everything! 


To dive deeper into long term strategy, mindset, money blocks, energetic healing. These sessions are tailored to what you need to quantum leap.

2 x additional 90 min intensive business coaching sessions


More Love

VIP Option...

mon- fri voxer support

Voxer is a communication tool (like WhatsApp). You'll get intimate access to me, so can move through challenges & blocks quickly. I'll also be a cheerleader in your back pocket.

....for the Queen wanting more


yoni pleasure palace crystal wand

Crystal pleasure wands are a portal for self love, devotion & self pleasure. Choose between the rose quartz or obsidian wand for deeper intimacy with yourself & your business. 

"Susie helps you to drill down to figure out what is holding you back in business. There is no dictating what you should do, but rather, guiding you towards your own realisation of what your next best step should be. It’s about helping you to see the wood from the trees when you are lost in a vortex of overthinking and overanalysing.

Of course, the great thing is that Susie has the tech know-how to back up this intuitive approach, which is what makes her coaching such a perfect blend of what you need. Not just to succeed in your business, but to succeed as a person, which is ultimately what life is really all about.

If you’re looking to level-up your life and business in an authentic and expansive way, then I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Susie’s programs and services. Remember, you’ll never regret investing in yourself and your future!."

Jessica Bourke @thefertilitydetective

You'll setup the backend structures of your biz, creating a beautiful foundation to run your business with pleasure and ease.

You'll drop into meditations that'll to connect you with your Higher Self & lead from her divine wisdom.

Drop into energetic clearing to dissolve & transmute the blocks that are holding you back from claiming what you deeply desire in life & biz.

Dive into mindset practises to shine light on limiting beliefs & rewire the subconscious to healthier beliefs that are aligned with your highest potential.

Learn & embody how to move through triggers, challenges & blocks in business with love, compassion & deep self care.

Sensual practises (such a breast massage) to bring more pleasure into your world & create magnetism in your business. Its all about energy baby! 

The Magic That'll Go Down...

my soul wants in

The Content

website domain purchase. website creation. showit step-by-step. email platform setup. creation of drool worthy emails. lead magnets to attract a community. CREATING AN ONLINE QUIZ. email sequences. setting up free events. zapier software integrations. SETTING UP PAYMENT GATEWAYS. bookkeeping using xero. creating & sending invoices. bank reconciliation. instagram 101. online course creation (using kajabi). setup of online booking system using acuity. finding an accountant. launching with love. canva 'how tos' and so much more.

chakra clearing. yin yoga. money reprogramming. nervous system regulation. embodied dance. receiving nature codes. yoga nidra. throat chakra activation. receiving practises. breathwork. working with the quantum. recoding 'success' conditioning. soul connection meditations. 

Tech Tutorials

Pleasure. Energetics. Mindset.

A sprinkle of the magic that we'll cover...


prerecorded 'how to' tutorials, meditations & mindset tools

8 x live
2hr Q&As

higher self
business reading
w/ julia mccarthy


"Susie is a true backend wizard. The support she has given me with systems & making all the magic behind the scenes happen is indispensable & priceless. The sales page she created for my evergreen is absolutely gorgeous, getting me synced & set up with Flodesk has made my tech life SO much better & her witty humour makes it that much more enjoyable. If you’re a soul who loves being outward and has a harder time on the backend parts of business, Susie is a necessary tool for your mission."

Phoebe Marie @hello.phoebemarie

With love & dripping pleasure,

Susie xo

So many of us have been told that running  a business has to be HARD work

Hunched over your laptop from 8-late proving to the world (and yourself) that you are a responsible biz owner & ‘worthy’ to receive.

I call bullsh*t on that. It's not meant to be that way. We came to the planet to share our gifts & to live in joy, pleasure & abundance. 

And here’s my secret…

When I stopped the pushing, the controlling & long hours in-front of my laptop...

And  instead opted for more self care, more fun, more pleasure...

Well....my business quantum leaped. AND it felt sooooo goddamn good.

So Backend Pleasure is here to support you with just that.

Laying the business foundations that I've learned from multi 7 figure biz owners & that I personally use.

Then we'll work together to clear mindset & energetic blocks  to  fully open you to receive that life & business that you've been  dreaming of.

I am so excited and deeply honoured to go on this journey with you.

The life of your wildest dreams is waiting for you...

the question is...are you going to claim it?

Quantum Queen,

I've got answers


what happens when I join?

When you sign up you will receive a celebration email from me welcoming you to the community & access to the Facebook Group. You'll also receive login details into your membership area within the Kajabi Platform.

what times are the calls?

Tuesdays at: 7.30am - 9.30am London  |  6.30pm - 8.30pm Sydney

These Q&As have been curated for pleasure and spaciousness.....meaning you can 'drop in' for as long as you desire. Have a quick tech question....come ask that, then feel free to leave & get on with your day! Have something more complex to move through.....then we'll take longer to move through that. You will feel SO supported with handholding during this programme. 

These calls will be recorded and uploaded into the portal within 24 hours. 

Thursdays at: 7.30am - 8.30am London  |  6.30pm - 7.30pm Sydney

Every week we'll meet for 1 hour to connect & move through an embodiment energy healing or a mindset ritual. Behind the scenes of any successful feminine led business, the CEO is ‘doing the work’, diving into personal development, exploring their patterns, their blocks & anything that is holding them back. These calls will be a place of deep healing, expansion, manifestation & so much more. 

These calls will be recorded & uploaded into the portal within 24 hours.

i feel nervous about the investment of time, money & energy. any advice?

Any kind of energetic investment we make in life (energy, time, money) is a nod to the universe of the reality we are opting into. With a clear & pure intention, this is where massive quantum leaps can happen. 
Money is simply energy. So where are you putting your energy/.

will you run this programme again?

I never know what direction I am going in life or business....because I allow spirit to guide me.
I might launch this programme again in 2022, however the investment will definitely be going up (this is the intro pricing).

i have a question that isn't answered on this page. help!

Send me a DM on instagram @susiehemsted or drop me an email info@susiehemsted.com