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The fast paced world that we all live in can demand so much for individuals in all areas of their life. Then throw in a global pandemic & the fast pivot to adapt to new ways of living and you've got a melting pot of uncertainty, anxiety and mental health issues. 

Meditation is one of the fastest and most effective ways to move to a state of calm & clarity within minutes. The simple act of concentrating on the breath stimulates the vagus nerve, which lowers blood pressure, which in turn allows calmness to pervade the body. 

And the BEST thing about meditation? Once it's been learnt & fully embodied, it becomes a lifelong practise that be used to support individuals in any situation. And it doesn't cost a thing!

The people inside any organisation are the life-force & antenna that are sending signals out into the world.
What kind of vibes are your workforce sending out?

Employees are the life-force of any organisation. 

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A fully fledged 6-week meditation course for your entire team, to fully grasp meditation techniques & fully embody the practises

6 week
meditation course


For employers who want to offer their workforce a quick & effective solution. 4 x 30 minute sessions to 'taste' different meditation modalities

4 week 
meditation taster experience


A one off session, workshop or speaking engagement for your workforce to learn the how, what and why's of meditation

one-off meditation workshop/
speaking engagement




corporate license
'the meditation academy'

12 month access & ongoing support for all employees to my signature 5-week self-led meditation programme 'The Meditation Academy'

Bespoke group workshops & speaking engagements to cater for any occasion. Perfect for when employees or teams need some dedicated time & guidance to calm the mind. Ad hoc sessions will be specifically tailored to the needs of the attendees, to achieve maximum results. Annual 'health days' can be fantastic way to build community and boost company culture. 
10th Oct - World Mental Health Day
4th Nov - National Stress Awareness Day

one off event/workshop for your workforce

One-Off Workshop

You know your workforce need support right now, but you are not really sure what that looks like for your business & where to even start! This is a great opportunity to do some 'taster sessions' to gain feedback from your employees. Over a 4 week period, once a week, I will guide a 30 minute online wellness session for your team. Sessions include breathing practices, meditation, desk yoga and deep meditative rest. All classes will be recorded, providing a solution for employees that are unable to attend the 'live' sessions.

a pick & mix of everything

The Taster (4 weeks)

You've heard of the physical, mental and emotional benefits of meditation and want to support your workforce with a deep dive immersion into the what, why & how to support them both professionally and personally. 
This package includes:
6 week beginners meditation course (45 mins each week) 
Duration: 6 consecutive weeks
All classes will be recorded and can be uploaded to your company Intranet, for employees that are unable to attend the 'live' sessions. 

beginners meditation course

The Course (6 weeks)

A 12 month corporate licence for The Meditation Academy
The Meditation Academy is 5-week self led meditation course. 
You can find more information about this course here.
Employees will have full access for 12 months, which includes a weekly Q&A session (within my Private Facebook Group) to ask any questions and have full support as they navigate their meditation journey. 

guided meditations

The Corporate License



Lowers blood pressure, reduces stress & improves overall mental and emotional wellbeing

Improves the regulation of emotions and 'having perspective' of ones own feelings & also the actions of others

Improves focus. Meditators have been found to perform 10 x better on cognitive skill tests than non-meditators

Increases mental strength, empathy, resilience and emotional intelligence, which is so important in team settings

Employees will experience better relationships with colleagues, friends, family. Happy employees = healthy bottom line :)

of meditation

Boosts creativity & creates space for practical & innovative problem solving solutions

clients i've worked with

"Susie is a true backend wizard. The support she has given me with systems & making all the magic behind the scenes happen is indispensable & priceless. The sales page she created for my evergreen is absolutely gorgeous, getting me synced & set up with flodesk has made my tech life SO much better & her witty humour makes it that much more enjoyable. If you’re a soul who loves being outward and has a harder time on the backend parts of business, Susie is a necessary tool for your mission."

Phoebe Marie @hello.phoebemarie

"Susie helps you to drill down to figure out what is holding you back in business. There is no dictating what you should do, but rather, guiding you towards your own realisation of what your next best step should be. It’s about helping you to see the wood from the trees when you are lost in a vortex of overthinking and overanalysing. If you’re looking to level-up your life and business in an authentic and expansive way, then I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Susie’s programs and services.

Jessica Bourke @thefertilitydetective


Meditation is the UK's favourite form of wellbeing therapy, with over a quarter (26%) of UK adults saying they have meditated as a way to improve their mental wellbeing in the past five years
(Source: Bupa)

brits love meditation


Stress, depression or anxiety disorders accounted for the majority of sick days (Source: HSE)

17.9 million days are lost in the uk due to work related ill health



Did you know?

Hey, I'm Susie.

In 2016, I decided to trade my secure Account Management job in Telecoms, for my meditation cushion.

Looking back on those corporate years, I wish I knew how profound & supportive a meditation practise could have been for me, my team & the whole organisation.
This is why I am so passionate about what I do now...helping companies who are struggling to manage employee stress, anxiety and overwhelm, by providing practical & easy meditation tools to keep employees energised, focused and fulfilled.

I have been teaching meditation for over 5 years (teaching over 500 students) & don’t believe in a ‘one size fits all’ approach, which makes my teaching style very unique, varied & easy to understand.

Thank you for looking after your workforce & I look forward to connecting. 


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