retreat 2023

The Ashram Experience. Rishikesh, India.

3rd - 10th march 2023

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to truly press the pause button on your life?

To fully disconnect from the hustle, bustle and demands of the outer world.....and create the space to journey into your inner world.

This is what an Ashram Experience is all about.

A potent portal in slow down.....and really 'be with you'.

To deepen your understanding of self.
To learn and then embody yogic foundations + philosophy, to live a  deely fulfilled life. 
To open yourself to a self enquiry practise, or deepen your existing one. 
To sit in satsang (community) and feel connected to other humans, and something bigger. 
To recognise, release and heal old patterns and beliefs that no longer serve your highest timeline. 

This will be a week that you'll never forget.

Allow Mama India and the medicine of guide you home. 

Embark on a 7 day journey of stillness, space and inner peace


Rishikesh is known as the pilgrimage town and regarded as one of the holiest places in India (and therefore the world). Hindu sages and saints have visited Rishikesh since ancient times to meditate n search of higher knowledge.

Situated on the banks of the holy river the Ganges and the foothills of the mighty Himalayas, Rishikesh is a quiet haven for those who seek tranquility from a fast-paced life.

It is famously known as the Yoga capital of the world, with spirit seeking travelling from afar, to soak in the yogic codes. 

Located in Uttarakhand, about twenty-five kilometers from Haridwar, Rishikesh is a small town that encapsulates faith and Hinduism like no other town in India.

One of the Holiest places on Mother Earth


Rishikesh -The Holy City. 

Your Hosts. 

6.00 - 6.45: Sunrise Breathwork + Meditation
06.45 - 8.15: Hatha Yoga Practise
10.00: Ayurvedic Brunch
11.00 - 12.00: Satsang + Yoga Philosophy
12.00 - 15.00: Self Contemplation + Rest
15.00 - 16.00: Yoga Therapy
16.00 - 17.00: Meditation/ Yoga Nidra
17.00: Dinner
20.30: Lights out

Note: 11.00-1500 there will be time for Ayurvedic healing programs (you gave two treatments included with your Ashram Stay)

A Traditional Ashram Experience
Example Schedule:

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Wake up at 5:30am to grab a herbal tea and make our way to the yoga hall.
Yogi Ram will then guide us into a guided meditation with pranayama/ breathwork, leaving us in stillness with space to sip natures tea, journal, look over the Himalaya mountain range and just be.

From here we will move through a traditional hatha yoga practise together - if you are a beginner to yoga, this is an amazing practice to start with (I've had some of my most profound energetic experiences during a hatha yoga practice).

We'll then enjoy a delicious Ayurvedic brunch together around 10am, where will we intentionally bless our food with sacred gratitude for all the time, energy, love and devotion it has taken to get to our table. And mindfully eat in silence (a practise that changed my world).

After our nourishing brunch, we will gather together to receive yogic philosophy and wisdom from Ram, as well as open up the space for you to ask any questions you may have about spirituality, eastern philosophy + the human experience.

The afternoon is all about rest, introspection and integration, where you are invited to take a nap, relax on the balcony listening to the birds, or receive a healing treatment from one of the ayurvedic practioners that will be available each day within the ashram (you have 2 treatments included in your retreat investment)
We will re-connect in the late afternoon for a restorative yoga practice and meditation to prepare our bodies for deep sleep. Then an early supper at 5pm, to ground the body so you can drift off into the dreamworld with a happy belly.

Lights out will be around 8.30pm…… to give your body plenty of time to integrate and process the day.
Note: with the two main meals each day, there will also be fresh seasonal fruit for you to snack on during the day + unlimited herbal teas.

Although silence is not compulsory, it is highly encouraged, as it gives such powerful time and space to really just be with yourself.
Your soul, 
Your mind, 
Your perspectives, 
Your thoughts, 
Your experiences, 
Your inner world.
Something we rarely (if ever) have the opportunity to do in our busy worlds.
The intention of this trip to the ashram, is to give you a once in a lifetime opportunity to really tune out the outside world (I'll be turning my phone off for a week + I encourage you to do the same too), for time to quite literally stop, so that you can drop the veil to your inside world, and explore the genius, magic and truth that is just waiting to be seen and loved by you.
I will be there every step of the way, to support you, answer any questions, and hold the most nurturing and healing space for you, as you move through anything that is coming up. 
You are so worth this time, this investment, and all of the magic of India provides.
She is waiting for you with wide open arms….
The most important question now is,

Will you choose to follow your sacred yes?

A Typical Day in the Ashram:

count me in

Yogi Ram began his study of yoga more than three decades ago. Having been born and raised in an Indian traditional Hindu family where he gained the knowledge of Indian traditions as a part of his life.

He grew up in the company of Saints and Yogis, so at a very young age, he felt a strong urge to delve deeper into the mysteries of the essence of the self and live an altruistic life. Ram completed his Masters in yoga from Uttarakhand Sanskrit University.

During his university years, he became fascinated with the holistic yogic life and left his established music business and modern life ambitions to explore the beauty of silence and self-contemplation. Ram spent more than 30 years in self-practice and learned the art of enjoying different colors of life. The curiosity never ended here, it took a spark and he pursued strict guided practice for more than 12 years.

He now shares his yogic wisdom and energetic mastery to spiritual seekers, to support them in healing + self realisation. 


Susie is a yoga teacher, meditation teacher, quantum energy healer and spiritual guide.

Her spiritual awakening happened 8 years ago, in 2015 when she left the UK to travel to India and stayed at the Himalayan Yog Ashram for 3 weeks. 

She arrived experiencing anxiety, confused about her lifes direction, and battling with the unhealthy chatter of the monkey mind. 

After 3 weeks of sitting with the mind, creating space in her life to truly FEEL and BE, she left the Ashram a whole new woman, with a new spark and excitement for life. It was during this special ashram experience with Yogi Ram and the team at Himalayan Yog Ashram that she awakened to her spiritual nature and started a whole new path in life. 

It's Susie's greatest honour to be returning to this same ashram, 8 years later, to hold space for other souls to find inner stillness, create space in their life for THEM and embark on their own awakening into their greatest potential.




7 nights in traditional ashram accommodation

Daily Meditation, Yoga and Yogic Philosophy with Indian Teachers

All Ayurvedic vegetarian meals and juices

Meditation at the Ganga (some of the holiest waters in the world)

Excursion outside the ashram centre to visit local sacred sites for meditation

2 x 45 minute Ayurvedic healing treatments (of your choice)

A once in a lifetime experience & meeting your new soul tribe for life.

Shared Room: $1,111 USD per person

The Investment

Taxi transport to Retreat Centre from Dehradun airport (Jolly Grant airport)

This investment does not include: 
Flights to India
Your return taxi to the airport (£25 max)
Travel insurance.
India Visa (£22 and takes 72 hours to process)
Apply here:

There are two options for travel to the ashram:

Option One:
Fly into Delhi airport. From here a taxi will collect you and drive you directly to the Ashram (6 hour journey), allowing your nervous system to relax and for you can melt into the energy + landscapes of India. This will cost around £55 GBP for the journey. If your flight arrives at the same time as someone else, you can share the journey :)

Option Two:
Fly into Delhi airport and book a connecting flight to Dehradun (Jolly Grant airport). This is the closest airport to the Ashram. A free transfer (40 min drive) from Jolly Grant airport in included in the retreat investment.

I always use to book my flights, for the most competitive rates and choosing a flight path that feels really good!

I'd love you to DM me on Instagram @susiehemsted if you need any practical or emotional support with travel/ flights. 

book my twin room

Private Room: $1,333 USD per person

book my private room

payments can also be made via bank transfer

Big love,


India holds the most special place in my heart. I felt the first call when I was in my early twenties, where I spent 3 weeks connecting to the land, learning about the culture, being humbled to my core, crying at the poverty, yet inspired by the colour, vibrancy + life of the Indian people.

I fell in love with this beautiful country. 

A few years later, after a 2 year cycle of struggling with depression and anxiety, I returned to India. I knew that the magic of the land would create space for me to really go inwards and heal my wounds. 

I arrived at Himalayan Yog Ashram in September 2015.

Not knowing what to expect. 
I turned my phone off for 3 weeks. 
And committed to trust and surrender.

And in this process of deep healing, inward reflection and spaciousness, I found myself.

So it really is my deepest honour to be returning to this very same ashram, with the same Indian guides, to hold a retreat for those who are feeling the call to the Motherland.

I look forward to you joining us.
It's going to be magical. 


here are the most

what level of yoga experience is required?

No level of yoga experience is required. 

The yoga teachers at the ashram will teach for all levels and experiences. Beginners are very welcome!

whats happening with covid and travel?


• If you cancel 30-60 days before your retreat start date, your investment will be refunded (minus the non-refundable deposit)
 • If you cancel 30 days or less before your retreat start date, you will forfeit the entire payment.

If I need to cancel a booked retreat date for any reason, you may transfer your full retreat payment to another retreat, or you may request a refund of your payment, constituting a full settlement. I am  not responsible for your expenses incurred in preparation for any cancelled retreat, such as airline tickets, loss of work, and/or other costs associated with preparing for your trip.

what do i need to know before travelling? e.g. covid entry requirements and visas

There are no covid restrictions for travel into India. 

You will need to apply for a tourist visa via the following website:

The visa application process is fast. I recommend applying well in advance (but you can apply 4 days prior to arriving for any last minute bookings).