a  self led initiation, for Healers, Mystics,
Coaches & Leaders of the New Earth

Learn how to create transformational, sacred spaces, that have your clients eyes popping and mouths squealing  “OMG THIS IS SO GOOD!!”

Picture this...

* Unexpected magic becoming a ‘norm’ in the spaces that you hold

* Witnessing your clients healing & transformation at hyper speed

* Showing up to all your calls/workshops/classes/group programmes, feeling deeply grounded & in a state of deep trust

* Feeling so confident in the MAGIC that WILL go down in your spaces, that you can promote TF out of your offerings with fun + ease

* Understanding the Masculine structures of space holding, so you can melt into your divine Feminine state of being

* Holding space for others becomes as easy as lying on the coach watching Netflix (lol)

* Your marketing becomes more and more effortless, receiving clients from referrals, who say ‘my friend ADORES you’

* Soulmate clients landing in your DMs asking for links to work with you

* Consistently receiving gushing, beautiful testimonials in your DMs and emails from happy soulmate clients

Picture this...

And regular ‘pinch me’ moments, where you cannot believe that you get to hold spaces like this (as you’d honestly do it for free).


MASCULINE CODES: how to structure your offerings and create safety and trust from your clients

FEMININE CODES: learning to trust your feminine flow and working with energy

NEW EARTH CODES: working with guides and higher frequency energies within your spaces

CEREMONY CODES : how to curate and deliver a transformational group or 1:1 ceremony 

Q+A: mentorship call answering FAQS on space holding, setting up mentorship programs, courses, sister circles, and ceremonies.

5 x pre-recorded transmissions
w/ jessica colvin + susie hemsted


The 3D Things

What you get...


to build the transformational spaces that your soul is ushering you forwards to create

bonus resources + rituals

1. Trigger Meditation
2. Sovereign Energy Meditation
3. Merging Energetics with Real World
Business  Tech Masterclass (for all the backend structures you need for online business)


This is for                                 


You're new to Spaceholding & desire support before opening your first 1:1 or group container/workshop/class

You've been holding space for a while, but know their is more sprinkle up your sleeve

You want that extra ‘edge’ to offer more potent client transformations

You desire to be paid abundantly & change the money paradigm for healers

At a deep soul level, you know that your work is meant to be easy + effortless


You're feeling the nudge from Spirit to ‘Get going, coz baby, now is the time’

Quantum Healer, Mystic  &  Business Mentor for Spiritual Entrepreneurs. Susie's mission here on earth, is to raise the collective consciousness, by activating as many lightworkers as possible.

Susie started holding large energetic spaces 9 years ago, as a yoga teacher. Her spaces have deeply evolved and she now supports her clients, through quantum healing,  to explore their multidimensional nature.

To experience magic beyond the 3D,  step into one of Susie's spaces. 

Find Susie on the gram @susiehemsted

Susie Hemsted

Quantum Healer & Cosmic Channel, Jessica has held hundreds of clients around the world in her soul-led space. Her spaces guide clients into the life changing depths of healing, empowerment and discovering their soul gifts.

As a Mystic Mentor & Soul Initiatress, one of Jessicas roles is to help others step into their own roles as lightworkers.  To be held in one of her spaces is something truly special.

Vibe with Jessica  over on insta @jessica.colvin_

Jessica Colvin

Your Space Holders

Your ‘work’ really does get to be an extension of your soul
- effortless, easeful & lit TF up!

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$999.00 AUD


Instant Access to:
5 x Pre-recorded Transmissions
(Masculine codes, Feminine Codes, New Earth Codes, Ceremony Codes + Q&A)
Abundance Coding Energetics
Bonus Meditations and Workshops

"Jess channels codes to ineffable magic, her containers foster friendships and connections that run deep, long after closing ceremonies. This was beyond a journey and experience for me, it was a dance in the void, on the other side of the veil, a quantum leap, an initiation, an introduction to my sovereign self, and the biggest hug from spirit.  My human self is not the same as she was pre-Matrix to Mystic, she has evolved. If Jess has entered your field it won't be without reason."

- Melissa

My healing session with Susie was beautiful and magical. It’s hard to put in to words what I experienced but it really was a whole mind and body upgrade. The support I witnessed from the unseen was mind blowing. Susie has the most beautiful calming, clear energy that holds you in safety and ease through the whole experience! Thank you Susie for sharing your gifts with me I really am full of awe and gratitude! A true earth Angel.

- Tara 


With an abundance of love,

Jess + Susie

The Art of Holding Space will activate you into your next level of leadership.
Confidence in the magic you know you’re here to weave through the world.
So you can step into YOUR spaces…
Hold your energy.
Simply be who you be.
Allow the Universe to respond.
& the magic to unfurl.
The world is waiting, are you ready?

We look forward to welcoming you into the inner circle!