Here's a sneak peek into what I do & how I can support you

My intention for everything I put out into the world, is that you feel a deeper connection to your true essence. Whether that is 1:1 mentoring, a one-off energetic  coaching session, corporate meditation, a retreat immersion, or joining one of my online group programmes....I am here to support you into awakening your highest potential. 

the journey into the unknown, starts with a single step

As a spiritual guide & business coach, I am a multi-faceted and multi-passionate human.

I see so many incredible humans who aren't fully living. They are stressed, disconnected, overwhelmed, hiding behind their fears, limiting beliefs, self doubt and anything else that the ego likes to throw their way. I deeply believe that we are all born with our own unique medicine to gift to the world & now is the time that the world needs us all to share our magic.

Did you know that there was over a 1 in 400 trillion chance that you would have been born as you? Read that again & let it sink in. Your magic is so needed. I believe my mission on earth is to remind you of that.

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Learn How To Create High Quality Meditations for your Community, in this 3 day self-led mini course

Spiritual DJ has been birthed into the world to support business owners, teachers, mentors, coaches, space-holders to create transformational meditation content for their students/clients/community.

You'll learn the nitty gritting of how to:

1. Create a high quality meditation mp3 with music
2. Boost your confidence with 'channeling' meditations 
3. Connect your clients to their Soul/Higher Self

I truly believe that meditation can change the world. As space-holders it's our responsibility to be the trailblazers of the meditation movement + create the ripple into the collective.

Spiritual DJ

Online Course

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An online spiritual membership for souls who desire to be seen, witnessed, supported & expanded in 2022.

It's going to be a big year for lightworkers on planet earth.

On the second, third & fourth Wednesday of the month, we'll meet online for Inspiration (through an educational masterclass), Integration (through embodiment) & Connection (through heart opening connection circles). Each month we will tap into a different theme to keep your soul growing & excited for more.

Soul Haven Membership

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What are you ready for next on your souls journey? Whether you desire to bring balance, harmony + healing into your being, or receive activation/'ll receive the exact medicine you need.

I work with Source energy and call in both mine + your angels, guides, ancestors, high vibrational galactic beings to co-facilitate the session.  Come without any expectations, as anything can happen inside this magical + potent portal! 

Energy Healing/

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tell me to paradise

Words cannot even begin to describe the energetic magic of Koh Phangan island. The under-bed is made up from rose & clear quartz crystals - the most healing crystals in the world.

Just stepping onto this island creates shifts in the human energy system; as you literally step onto the vibration & healing potential of these potent-earthly-stones. 

There is Deep MAGIC in this place. Deep healing. Deep transformation. Deep Expansion.

Thailand Retreat - Sept 2022

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Holding space is a GIFT.
And there is an Art to it.

In this 4 day online Live immersion,  hosted Quantum Energy Healers Susie Hemsted + Jessica Colvin, you'll learn everything you need to know…to create transformational spaces for your students, clients + community.

3 x Live  2 hr Transmissions (10th, 11th, 12th Aug)
1 x Live 2hr Healing + Activation Ceremony (13th Aug)

The Art of H0lding Space