Here's a sneak peek into what I do & how I can support you

My intention for everything I put out into the world, is that you feel a deeper connection to your true essence. Whether that is learning to meditate, 1:1 mentoring, a one-off dream ignition session, corporate meditation, a retreat immersion, or joining one of my online group programmes....I am here to support you into awakening your highest potential. 

the journey into the unknown, starts with a single step

As a meditation teacher & spiritual guide, I am a multi-faceted and multi-passionate human.

I see so many incredible humans who aren't fully living. They are stressed, disconnected, overwhelmed, hiding behind their fears, limiting beliefs, self doubt and anything else that the ego likes to throw their way. I deeply believe that we are all born with our own unique medicine to gift to the world & now is the time that the world needs us all to share our magic.

Did you know that there was over a 1 in 400 trillion chance that you would have been born as you? Read that again & let it sink in. Your magic is so needed. I believe my mission on earth is to remind you of that.


You have a deep desire humming inside you. Your soul is nudging you to step into a new reality, but the (very real) human part of you is holding you back. "Enough is enough" you say. "It's time to ignite this inner fire & share my medicine with the word".
(Thank god, because we really need you!!)

No playing small anymore babe, it's time to play a bigger game.

Dream Ignition Session

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When moving through change & transformation, having a mentor to hold you, support you & nudge you forwards is worth its weight in gold.

Within this 4-month intimate container, we'll combine mindset & spirituality (in a way that feels human) to ignite that inner fire in your soul.  So if you are looking for support & direction to reach for those big dreams, I'll be your biggest hype-girl, hold your hand & guide you through those quantum leaps.

One-to-One Mentoring

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My signature 5-week meditation programme, guides you through many modalities of meditation, giving you a 'taster' of many types of meditation.

This self-led programme will take you on a beautiful journey of self-awareness, self-transformation and self-trust.

Are you ready?

The Meditation Academy

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I love helping companies who are struggling to manage employee stress, anxiety and overwhelm, by providing practical & easy methods of meditation to keep employees energised, focused and fulfilled throughout the day.

I don’t believe in a ‘one size fits all’ approach to meditation, which makes my teaching style unique, relatable and easy to understand. So, if you are wanting to take better care of your employees, reach out and lets chat.

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Corporate Meditation