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Quantum Energy Healer, Biz Coach, Meditation Mystic & Podcaster.

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I deeply believe that the first step to living the life of your dreams is to connect to the highest version of yourself.

then everything else just falls into place

My mission is to support you to heal, ascend & unleash your gifts into humanity.


Working with Source energy, your angels, guides, ancestors and high vibrational galactic beings.....we'll flood your energetic body with light energy to shift blockages, activate your gifts + receive messages and codes from beyond.  Magic goes down here!

'The Energy Zap'
 Quantum Healing

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An online programme to support you to create transformational meditation content for your clients, students + community.
From channelling, scripting, to tech tutorials. I've got you covered. to create high quality mp3s!

Spiritual DJ

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Listen to interviews with ‘Ascension Agents’ across the wellness & spirituality industry, who share their mystical magic, supporting you to expand your awareness and unlock your gifts

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A portal of Soul Activation goodies!

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Soul Activation Bundle


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