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Spiritual Business Coach, Meditation Mystic & Podcaster.

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I deeply believe that the first step to living the life of your dreams is to connect to the highest version of yourself.

then everything else just falls into place

My mission is to support you to find inner peace & unleash your gifts into humanity.

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You know you are were incarnated at this magical time to leave a legacy. My 4 month biz mentoring package supports soul-led biz owners to unapologetically claim their dreams,. Strategy meets Soul.

One-One Business Coaching


An 8-week business portal to lay the foundations of your multi 6-figure fempire. Masculine structure, Feminine Flow, Energetic intelligence, plus mindset.
Doors will re-open later in 2022.

Backend Pleasure Course

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Listen to interviews with ‘Ascension Agents’ across the wellness & spirituality industry, who share their mystical magic, supporting you to expand your awareness and unlock your gifts

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clients i've worked with

"Susie is a true backend wizard. The support she has given me with systems & making all the magic behind the scenes happen is indispensable & priceless. The sales page she created for my evergreen is absolutely gorgeous, getting me synced & set up with flodesk has made my tech life SO much better & her witty humour makes it that much more enjoyable. If you’re a soul who loves being outward and has a harder time on the backend parts of business, Susie is a necessary tool for your mission."

Phoebe Marie @hello.phoebemarie

"Susie helps you to drill down to figure out what is holding you back in business. There is no dictating what you should do, but rather, guiding you towards your own realisation of what your next best step should be. It’s about helping you to see the wood from the trees when you are lost in a vortex of overthinking and overanalysing. If you’re looking to level-up your life and business in an authentic and expansive way, then I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Susie’s programs and services.

Jessica Bourke @thefertilitydetective


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