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Meditation Teacher, Psychic Biz Mentor, Spiritual Guide & Podcaster.

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I deeply believe that the first step to living the life of your dreams is to connect to the highest version of yourself.

then everything else just falls into place

My mission is to support you to find inner peace & unleash your gifts into humanity.

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You know you are meant for big things on this planet & incarnated at this magical time to leave a legacy (and you are!).
I offer a 4 month mentoring package to support you  to unapologetically claim your soul mission & follow your dreams.
Strategy meets Soul.


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Meditation is the fastest way to connect your inner truth. In this 5-week meditation course you’ll learn the what, why and how of meditation, to find inner peace & love, beyond what you ever thought possible.

The Meditation Academy

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Listen to interviews with ‘Ascension Agents’ across the wellness & spirituality industry, who share their mystical magic, supporting you to expand your awareness and unlock your gifts

the susie hemsted podcast

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clients i've worked with

"Susie is a fantastic teacher. She has a wonderful lightness to her teaching that allows you to feel safe and take risks. She has a wealth of knowledge yet shares it ever so humbly."

"The Meditation Academy is life changing. I now have an established daily meditation practice that helps me to manage stress and anxiety. I am so grateful to have been a part of it.”

"Susie is such a supportive leader who makes you feel comfortable in the uncomfortable. Her knowledge of meditation practices, yoga and so much more is amazing."


The Search is Over my Friend.
Find your perfect meditation fit & fast track yourself to inner calm.

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