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client love

"I wanted to thank you for the spiritual healing sessions you gave me in June this year.

As you know I was quite sceptical about the process and I didn’t mention any problems that needed “healing”, however during the first healing process I experienced the weirdest things which I never expected!

You somehow put me in a different place (a kind of ‘out of body’ experience) where I literally saw people and animals from my past. People and animals who were very important to me in my earlier life, but who are no longer alive. During the process I also felt a weird internal jerk in my neck as if someone had yanked my neck. I knew this wasn’t you as I could feel you sitting down by my feet.

About three years ago I started experiencing pain and tingling in my left arm. This was investigated and I was found to have cervical degeneration. I needed physio for several months and was told that I needed to continue with daily physio exercises for the rest of my life in order to stop the pain and tingling from getting worse… however the damage was done and my symptoms were more or less constant. I learnt to live with them.

Since the spiritual healing I have not experienced any of the pain or tingling in my arm! It has disappeared.  I can’t quite believe this and have no idea how it has happened. It is incredible…. so I just wanted to say thank you very very much… for whatever it was that you did. You certainly have got healing hands!."

"To be witnessed sitting in the space of vulnerability and sharing all I am moving through in authenticity requests bravery on my part. I find at times being held in a 1:1 session can be confronting...

Giving volume outside my mind to the desires and intentions I am setting makes them all so real therefore trusting the person receiving these energies takes courage.
As soon as Susie welcomed me into her field I felt safe.

Susie not only supported me through our 1:1 session, she channeled spirit, guidance, and codes that have guided my journey to deep alignment long after our time together.

To be in a space with Susie is magical, nurturing, and empowering. She shone a light on my innate gifts, created a grounding experience, and cleared the denser energies in my field.

When you find that person who is willing to hold space for you as you are and support and witness your process with love, it is an absolute gift.

If Susie has entered your field it is for a reason, her transmissions are illuminating and elevating and I am so grateful we met.”

"My healing session with Susie was beautiful and magical.

It’s hard to put in to words what I experienced but it really was a whole mind and body upgrade.
The support I witnessed from the unseen was mind blowing.

Susie has the most beautiful calming, clear energy that holds you in safety and ease through the whole experience!

Thank you Susie for sharing your gifts with me I really am full of awe and gratitude!

A true earth Angel ."