The Meditation

A 5 week beginners meditation programme, to find inner calm, peace and clarity....and to change your life! 

Do you dream of a life where you wake up in the morning & feeling excited about the day?
Whilst feeling a deep sense of internal peace and clarity on your decisions and feeling connected to  who you are. 

The Meditation Academy is not only a 5-week immersion into the magical world of meditation, it is also an initiation into becoming the most vibrant, beautiful & authentic version of you.

Ready to say goodbye to stress, anxiety and overwhelm...and hello to inner peace?

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who’d like to integrate meditation modalities into their sessions, to create deeper impact with their clients & community

A teacher, coach or wellness practitioner


who experiences stress & anxious regularly, feels uncertain about the future and thinks ‘will I ever find inner peace with myself?’

A constant worrier or
a very busy human


who'd like to float through the day feeling clear, focused and calm & spend way more time in their 'genius zone'

an ambitious & driven


Are you?

The Meditation Academy is life changing. Susie is kind, compassionate and understanding. Her insight, knowledge and passion is at the heart of this course and I have learnt so much on this incredible journey. I now have an established daily meditation practice and have developed a connection with myself that helps me to manage stress and anxiety. Thank you Susie, this course surpassed my every expectation and I am so grateful to have been a part of it.


Here’s why it pays to learn from someone who has gone before you. I know all the pains, frustrations and roadblocks to meditating. In Module One I'm going to  shine a light on the biggest mistakes, so you know how to avoid these. I’ll start setting you up for success by covering the WHAT and WHY of meditation with the end goal of helping you feel clear about where you are going and how you’re going to get there.

introduction to meditation

Module One

In this module, you’ll learn how breathing impacts your nervous system.
Did you know that the ancient yogis carefully studied animals for many years? They found a direct correlation between quality of breath and life expectancy. Mammals with the shortest and fastest breath (mice, dogs, rabbits) lived very short lives, compared to the mammals who took the longest, deepest breaths (elephants, tortoises and whales). So, in this module, you’ll learn 7 breathing techniques to support a longer and healthier life.

the art of breathing

Module Two

Mindfulness is such a buzz word in the world and rightly so, as the benefits are huge.  In this module, we will explore mindfulness as part of a meditation practice, and how it can positively impact every area of your life. 
We’ll cover why mindfulness has been so popular in the mainstream media, what it’s all about and how it works. 


Module Three

If you are someone who loves to lie back and relax, then you’ll love this module. Guided meditations provide a focus point for the mind to bring about inner calm. There is so much variety with guided meditations, so this module includes meditation for deep sleep, a gentle yoga class, intro to the practice that all the celebs love, and more. This is the taster menu within this course. With so many different flavors, you’ll be sure to find something yummy that you love.

guided meditations

Module Four

In the final module (my absolute fav) we’ll explore intuition and connection to your soul, through guided meditations. This is the most ‘woowoo’ module of the course, but I know you’ll be ready for it. Through listening to the sound of my voice, you’ll be taken on a journey to connect with your soul in deep and meaningful ways. Plus, short tutorials will deepen your understanding of how to connect with your soul.

soul connection

Module Five

I’ve always been interested in meditation but found sitting still for more than 5 minutes unachievable.  My mind wouldn’t shut off and when I tried to meditate I often ended up more anxious than when I started. I now have all the tools and possibilities to start a new journey on my own.

Susie breaks all the “rules” I
thought were essential to meditation

I’d tried but never found the right meditation practice for me.I could never sit still, or quiet down my chatty mind. Susie showed me a whole lot of meditation options and i realised it’s a practice- the more often I do it the easier it becomes and the better I feel. 

Meditation is like having a reset button & if I miss a few
days I feel the difference



Meditation has been an absolute life-changer for me and if it weren’t for Susie, I wouldn’t be where I am at right now. Meditation has enabled me to re-learn ‘how to’ breathe, calm my ADHD, tune in and connect with myself, find inner peace, calm and serenity and so much more. Susie is an absolutely fantastic teacher, always there to answer questions, give advice, and knows exactly what to say to make you feel a little bit better on those bad days.

Meditation has been
an absolute game
changer for me

I learnt so much
about meditation in such
a short period

I learnt so much about meditation in such a short period, different types of meditation and what I thought meditation was about, it made me realise how little I knew and how much I was missing out on. Susie has such a beautiful and soft, nurturing nature about her which makes her a great teacher

5 Interactive Pre-recorded Modules, with over 30 meditation techniques, that’ll show you everything you need to know about meditation, to get you from A-Z in the fastest time possible. Together, we’ll manage that inner voice that says ‘I don’t have the time’, or 'I can't do this' allowing you to arrive at your zen-den, in record timing.

This Meditation Course Will Literally Change Your Life

a snapshot of what you get

take me to inner peace

Exclusive access to a Yoga Library, taught by Susie, with a variety of yoga practises and styles, to support you to regulate your nervous system, move your body and find inner peace. 

yoga library



Extra bonuses for you.


Questions may come up during your meditation journey, so every week Susie will be there to support you with a live Q+A.




We will be bringing beautiful intentionality to your meditation journey, with an opening ceremony and a closing ceremony. Meet your community! 

By the end of this                                      


Created your own wellness toolbox to support you and your loved ones in any situation 

Experienced simple breathing exercises for when you feel like you ‘just can’t cope’, that will shift your physiology in under 3 minutes

Strengthened your powers of intuition; enabling you to see things as they really are, without the need for logical reasoning

Confidence to share your knowledge of meditation, thus supporting your community when they need it

Better relationships with your friends, your family and most importantly – with yourself

you'll have...

This course completely de-mystifies “meditation”. Before the course I knew nothing about meditation at all… I thought it was just for weirdos or Buddhist monks but after completing the meditation academy course I understood meditation much better - it’s actually quite simple!
I thoroughly enjoyed the daily meditations, they started at 1-2 mins and over the weeks became a little longer, but never so long that I couldn’t find the time to fit them into my day. More than two and a half years later I still “dip in and out” of the Meditation Academy. I have some favourites that either help me sleep, make me happy … or de-stress me. I absolutely loved this course and thoroughly recommend it! Do it! You’ve nothing to lose and a lot to gain.


DOWNLOADABLE PDF'S, templates & guides

yoga class

310 minutes OF RECORDED meditations


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Payment Plan

The Investment

5 Interactive Modules, with over 30 meditation techniques
Downloadable PDFs, audios and videos
Opening + Closing Ceremony
Weekly Live Q+A
Lifetime access to content
Yoga Class Library

2 payments over 2 months

5 Interactive Modules, with over 30 meditation techniques
Downloadable PDFs, audios and videos
Opening + Closing Ceremony
Weekly Live Q+A
Lifetime access to content
Yoga Class Library

best value

The Meditation Academy is simply wonderful. Susie's meditations are so calming and peaceful and she is a fantastic teacher. I still use the meditation academy over two years later and it helped me to develop a regular practice. The course absolutely changed my life for the better and is a wonderful way to get started with meditation. It is completely special and magical. My advice to to anyone considering this course is a whole hearted yes! It is completely wonderful and will change your self care and wellbeing for the better. 

- Anon

With love,


Meditating has literally transformed my life. 

I’ve experienced firsthand the realities of an ‘8 till late’ corporate job, overwhelm of endless ‘to do lists’ and the act of ‘keeping it all together’ for my career, family and my own unrealistic expectations. This led to burnout, deep depression and crippling anxiety. 

I wish I knew then, what I know now.

I wish I had this wellness toolbox that would hold me, whatever life threw my way. So that's my mission, to share the magical practice of meditation with the world, starting with you. 

Should you choose to say yes to my invitation, I feel confident that these 5 weeks will be completely and utterly life changing for you, your loved ones & community. Meditation just seems to have that beautiful ripple effect. 

I look forward to meeting you inside The Meditation Academy.

“I love the Meditation Academy and come back to it time and time again. You can go at your own pace, take what you need & leave the rest. There is something there for everyone. I love Susie’s wisdom and approach all of the practices leave me feeling more connected to myself & more grounded! If you’re feeling lost, unable to make clear decisions, up in your thoughts, busy, on a constant treadmill and are longing for some space to listen, find more peace, joy, freedom & connection then go for it - you will not regret it!”

- Gemma

I've got answers


When I join, will I have instant access to all the modules?

Yes! When you hit the confirmation button and after the virtual confetti has been thrown, you’ll recieve two emails. One email will be your login access to the meditation portal. The other email will have all the other details of what you need to know!

I’m a total beginner. Will this course be right for me?

Absolutely. This course is perfect for beginners. We take things slowly and work methodically, starting with short meditations, leading to longer and more advanced meditations throughout the weeks. 

I have a busy schedule, so how does it all work?

The Meditation Academy is a 5-week course, with 5 modules. You will work through 1 lesson per day (including meditation) from Mon-Sun. The first 2 modules you’ll need about 5-10 mins for each lesson. Then weeks 3-5 about 15-20 minutes per lesson. I have deliberately made the content bitesize and sustainable to support you to build a new daily habit quickly and easily.

The live Q+As are optional. They will be 15 - 30 mins (depending on how many questions) and will be streamed into the Facebook group, so you can watch back at whatever time works for you!

what if i cannot commit to 5 weeks?

You will have access to this course for life, so you choose how you want to digest it! If there is a week where you feel like you need to pause (life can throw us curveballs sometimes - I get it!), then thats ok, the course content will be right there waiting for you when you are ready :)

is this course live or prerecorded?


This is pre-recorded course. There is one video/audio lesson every day, for 5  weeks. This has been created in this way to give you something to 'do' everyday to keep you on track and building a habit  with your meditation practise. 

Then there are also live calls throughout the 5 weeks:
- we will gather for a 1 hour opening  ceremony (Monday 2nd October | 7pm Sydney) + a 1  hour  closing ceremony  (Sunday 5th Nov, 7pm Sydney)
- there will be 5 x live Q+A calls throughout our journey (8pm Sydney every Wednesday) via zoom and live streamed into our community Facebook group)