your monthly membership for the soul

Soul Haven

A membership for spiritual beings desiring a sacred space to be seen, held & expanded throughout 2022.

The ticket to a magical existence on planet earth is committing to ensure that your soul..

- feels seen, acknowledged & listened to
- is ever evolving, growing & contributing
- is contributing to the world through its unique gifts

Soul Haven is your monthly spiritual membership for soul loving & soul growth & soul tribe.

Every month you'll be inspired by new teachings, embody new spiritual practises & connect on a deep level with the most magical humans. If you ever felt like you 'didn't belong', then this is your space to rewrite that narrative. You do belong. And we are waiting for you.

The Secret To A Wildly Fulfilled Life?
A Soul That Is Constantly Experiencing Growth & Contribution.

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- You’re feeling ready to open yourself up to the magic of the unknown & make 2022 the best year yet

- You know you are here for ‘something bigger than this’ & feel a sense that the ‘time is now’

- You are the ‘witchy’ one of your friends who loves crystals, tarot & journalling under the moon

- You want your life to be lead by your heart, intuition & the whispers of your soul

- You are a curious cat & always desiring to learn more, to be more, to share more

- Personal & spiritual growth is not just important to you, its a part of ‘who you are’

- You desire a soul tribe, who see the world the way that you do, who'll support the growth & expansion of your spirit

Is this you?

1hr community connection call. An opportunity to share what’s on your heart, listen to wisdom from others & receive intuitive coaching/guidance from Susie.
(Happens the 4th Wednesday of the month: 8.30am London | 7.30pm Sydney)



1 hr embodiment session; includes energy healing, energy activation, meditation, breathwork, nervous system regulation practises & much more.
(Happens the 3rd Wednesday of the month: 8.30am London | 7.30pm Sydney)

'integration' - the embodiment call


75 min Masterclass every month with Susie (or an incredible handpicked guest expert) to expand your knowledge, support your growth & ignite your soul.
(Happens 2nd Wednesday of the month: 8.30am London | 7.30pm Sydney)

'inspiration' - the masterclass


Whats Included?

throughout the year i will adding in other magical bonuses into the membership portal.

there will also be bonus calls when i get the intuitive hit from spirit!


Private Facebook Group for support & guidance & celebrations from other souls on the same journey as you.

Community is everything!



Plus, there's more...

On the second, third & fourth Wednesday of the month, we'll meet online for Inspiration (through an inspiring masterclass), Integration (through embodiment) & Connection (through heart opening connection circles). Each moment will tap into a different theme to keep your soul growing & excited for more.

This Membership will feed your soul.

a reminder of what you get

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monthly 'connection'
community circle

monthly 'integration' embodiment call

Monthly 'inspiration' masterclas

DEDICATED MEMBERS facebook community

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Monthly Payment

The Investment

Every month you'll get:
1 x 'Inspiration'  Masterclass Call
1 x 'Integration' Embodiment Call
1 x 'Connection' Circle Call
Access to Private Soul Haven
Facebook Group

With love & virtual hugs,


Over the past few years, you may have been experiencing more 'soul family' entering your world.

You'll know the ones...
They're the people you instantly connect with.
They just 'get you'.
You feel safe, supported & expanded in their presence. 

And if you haven't yet experienced that, then you are in the right place my love....because this is my deep intention for Soul Haven.

I am creating a magical portal, for magnificent souls to come together & feel held, seen & to grow together; through inspiration, integration & connection, to make 2022 the most expansive year yet.

I absolutely cannot wait to welcome you inside my world, with open arms.

Love note from my
soul to yours  

I've got answers


when i join, what happens next?

You will receive an email from me officially welcoming you in to the soul family! 
You will also receive an email with access to the membership platform, where you'll find a welcome love note, the zoom link for all our calls, call dates & all previous calls (if you are joining after January 12th 2022) 

is there a minimum contract term?

My intention is to create the safest, most magical, supportive membership space, therefore the energetics are extremely important. For this reason, the minimum contract term is 3 months, to allow for deep connections to be formed & a safe sacred space to be cultivated. If after 3 months you desire to leave, no problem, just shoot me an email.

I don't think i can make the live calls. is that ok?

Yes that is totally OK! The membership is there to be used & consumed in a way that feels good for you All the Live calls will be recorded and uploaded into your membership portal within 24 hours, enabling you to catchup on the replay at a time that works for you. Allow your soul to run the show & do whatever feels aligned.

when are the calls & what are the call times?

The calls will happen on the second, third & fourth Wednesday of the month.
You'll receive a reminder email the day before the call :)
All calls will be at 8.30am London | 7.30pm Sydney
Please note, these times will change when the clocks change. I will keep you updated on this :)

what kind of 'inspiration' masterclasses can i expect?

My desire is for you to leave every Masterclass with new knowledge to empower you on your path, therefore these calls will be a concoction of spirituality, mindset & personal development. My intuition will guide me each month on what we'll cover, but you can expect themes such as 'Passion & Purpose, Womb Wisdom, Spirit Communication, Intuition, Masculine & Feminine Energetics'.

will this membership last forever?

Currently this membership will run until December 2022. The world is shifting & changing at such a rapid pace & so is every human on the planet. Therefore, this membership will support you through 2022 & we will see where the future leads us!