To reconnect with your innate, ancient wisdom
To let go of fear & reclaim unshakable trust in your intuition
To affirm that the ‘Universe has your back’. Always.

It’s time to..

This is the time of the Great Awakening.
Are you here for the ride?

Soul Ascension is a 4-week spirituality course, for the souls seeking more.

Beautiful Soul, are you ready to enter a spiritual playground and expand deeper into who you are here to be?

count me in

Does this sound like you?

- You lay awake at night wondering what your next steps are

- You are seeking more, more, more
 from life
- You’ve experienced wild synchronicities and thought ‘mmmm weird’, when really you know theres more at play

- Theres a humm inside you thats saying ‘psssttt there’s more to this life than meets the physical eye’

- You’re feeling stuck/bored/small in your current reality
 & are hell bent on change
- You love the idea of leading from intuition, but you have no idea of where to start

- You’re feeling ready to open yourself up to the magic of the unknown
- You’ve had experiences you cannot explain & not sure who’d believe you anyway

- You are going through a spiritual awakening & want guidance around tools and techniques to work with these new energies entering your dimension

- You want to live an aligned life, on your terms

- You dream of being so radically connected to your soul, that life takes on a whole new colour

So many beautiful humans out there are feeling this too. 
As the planet spins and evolves into a new paradigm, things are shifting.
And so are you. 

I invite you to commit to your path and step courageously into the unknown.

That is where the magic lies.

I didn’t want Soul Ascension to end! Susie holds such a wonderful space, with her guidance I felt totally at ease exploring different avenues, learning to trust my instinct and intuition. Sharing the journey with amazing like minded women gave me such a boost, I want to do it all over again!

- Leanne

Everything in this universe is energy. In this call we dive into why understanding frequency, energy & vibration is the most powerful catalyst to create profound change in your life & reality. Its all about the energy baby! 

energy ascension
(24TH AUG: 11:11AM)


The first step on any journey is setting a clear intention of where you are going. In this first transmission we get clear with the universe, whilst connecting & accessing different parts of 'self' for inner truth & guidance.

the declaration
(17th aug: 11:11am)



8 Live Calls


decoding soul contracts
(2oth aug: 11:11aM)

Guest expert & soul contract reader Lauren Calvert will be sharing the magic of why you incarnated, explanation of 'Soul Contracts' & insight into
life beyond the 3D veil. Prepare to be mindblown.

shadow alchemy
(31st aug: 11:11am)


intuition & psychic portal
(27TH AUG: 11:11am)

Shadow Alchemist & Medicine Woman 'Jasmin Chew' will be sharing her magic on shadow work & how this  supports your souls growth.
Includes powerful rebirthing breathwork session.


galactic guidance
(3rd sept: 11:11am)

Angels, guides, archangels, spirit animals & your loved ones that have passed over are always trying to communicate with you. In this transmission we explore the ways to connect with them to create a deeper spiritual experience on planet earth.

Guest expert Phoebe Rosenbach is a modern day white witch magician. In this live transmission we'll go deep into understanding the 'astral plane'. 
Includes astral reiki deep (group) healing session.


playing in the astral
(7th sept: 6pm)


(10th sept: 11:11am)

We all have access to our intuition & many of us will have psychic gifts turning online. In this Masterclass we delve into how these gifts express themselves & we'll be practising  live on the call! 

In this final transmission, we pull together all the coding of the month & drop into your purpose.
We will conclude our time together with one final throat chakra healing & activation session, supporting you to step boldly into your light.

all calls will be recorded & uploaded into the membership portal


live satsang from india with yogi ram
(7th sept: 9.30am)

Sit in the vibration & wisdom of Yogi Ram for this special Satsang experience, live from Rishikesh, India. 

Community is everything! Inside this private Facebook group you'll have ongoing support from your soul family. 

private facebook group

Spiritual Assignments

soul connection assignments

Throughout the immersion soul connection meditations will land in your membership portal. This will support you to embody the work from the live calls and deepen your connection to your spirit,

In this magical                                      


The anatomy of your soul & why right now is such a pivotal time in human consciousness. You were made for this

Understanding Universal laws of energy, frequency & vibration, to support you to heal, expand & live in alignment with your dreams

How to hear the innate powers of intuition, whilst understanding the range of Psychic Channels that you may have access to

How to love and honour your Shadow….so you can move through lifes challenges with grace and ease, all whilst expanding your spirit

Ways to connect with your guides, ancestors, angels and archangels & how to ‘call on them’ to support you on your life path

you'll learn...

What your astral body is & exploring realms beyond the physical eye (we'll chat other dimensions, aliens & all the wild stuff. No topic is off limits here)

fb community of
soul family

healings w / guest experts
the best of the best

soul connection

8 x 90 min
live transmissions

enrol now


Full Pay

enrol now


Full Pay

enrol now


Payment Plan

The Investment

8 x Live Masterclass (£2222 value)
Guest Experts (£555 value)
Group Astral Healing (£333 value)
One-Off Indian Satsang (£111 value)
8 x Soul Meditations (£444 value)
FB Community Connection (priceless)

All the inclusions of the
Classic Investment (see left)
1 x 90min 1:1 private call with Susie &
2 weeks follow up Voxer support

8 x Live Masterclass (£2222 value)
Guest Experts (£555 value)
Group Astral Healing (£333 value)
One-Off Indian Satsang (£111 value)
8 x Soul Meditations (£444 value)
FB Community Connection (priceless)

best value

limited to 3 spots

2 payments over 2 months

Soul Ascension was one of the most magical journeys I have ever had! Susie is an amazing teacher & guide. To dive into spirituality with an incredible group of like-minded women & connect on a deeper level was such an experience. I've been able to open my mind & work with my intuition more. I'm able to see the world in a new light & its just full of magic!


With love,


When I first stepped onto my spiritual path, I was scared. 

What would people think of me? Would be family disown me?  Would my friends think I had changed and was a weird?

Would I end up living in a monastery? Or a temple on a mountain? Or a hippy commune where I’d end my life drinking the Koolaid?

There was a lot of the fear of the unknown. Especially the fear of being alone in the unknown.

So I asked the universe for help. I declared my openness to learn more.
I allowed my heart and third eye  to be cracked open. I decided to get out of my own way of a truly magical life.

Teachers, mentors & my soul family started to step into my life & everything changed. I am so grateful for that younger version of me, who was curious, brave & open to receive the magic. 

So tell me angel, are you ready too?

I look forward to welcoming you into the inner circle. 

& I've got answers

I'm still working on my psychic skills, but feel you might have these questions.

Is this a LIVE or pre-recorded course?

All 8 Masterclasses will be live on Zoom. These calls will be recorded and saved inside of the course portal, so you can play them back as many times as your soul desires.  I recommend you attend all the live sessions if you can, as there is magic in the energy of the live transmission.

There'll be an abundance of pre-recorded soul connection meditations. You’ll have space to explore these as homework, between our live calls.

What times are the calls? And if I miss a call can I catchup later?

All masterclasses are at 11.11am BST, except the Astral Masterclass & Healing with Phoebe due to her timezone. This call will be at 6pm BST.

The Satsang experience will take place on Tues 7th at 9.30am BST.

And yes you can catchup later! All calls will take place on zoom & will be recorded & uploaded into your membership portal within 24 hours.

I have a busy schedule, so how much commitment does this need?

Soul Ascension will be next-level expansion, but its not for the faint hearted.

This a journey to deep dive into the Soul. For 4 weeks*, you’ll be committing to:

2 x 90 minutes for the live masterclass
A 10-20 minute meditation (one per week)
I also recommend a daily meditation practises, as this will allow you to accelerate your spiritual growth

Roughly 3.5 hours a week*

But there is no ‘behind’ in this course! It is a living library, which will be here for you forever.

What are the dates of the course & the live calls?

The course starts on August 17th and runs for 4 weeks
The 90-minute Live Masterclasses will be held on every Tuesday & Friday at 11.11am UK time (8.11pm Sydney).
All masterclasses & ceremonies will be recorded if you cannot attend live & will be uploaded within 24hours. 
The Closing Ceremony will take place on September 10th.

Will you be offering this again anytime soon?

I only launch when my soul tells me to launch. And I trust that timing, as this course is all about co-creation with spirit. 
So... maybe. Or maybe not. If you are feeling the soul call, get in now my friend.