Spiritual DJ

Unleash Your Inner Meditation Mystic.
Learn to channel and create transformational
meditation content for your community

I remember when I first started guiding meditations for my students. 

As I held the script, my hands would shake + my voice quiver as I read the words  to my students. 

I eventually got comfortable with scripts, so moved to breathing practises + body scans.

Then one of my spiritual mentors encouraged me to start channelling meditations.

I told her I couldn't do that yet.
I didn't think I was capable,
I wasn't magical.
(FYI - we are ALL very capable + magical)

Basically....I was absolutely TERRIFIED. 

But bit by bit, piece by piece, I met my edges, started trusting my channel.......and what came through was transformational meditation experiences for my students + clients. 

I've seen firsthand the profound soul shifts that happen through the art of meditation + I deeply believe it has capacity to change this world.

As space holders it's our responsibility to be the trailblazers of making the meditation movement 'mainstream' + create the ripple into the collective.

It really does start with us.

So Spiritual DJ has been birthed to support you to find confidence in your voice, trust your channel + anchor this into the 3D, through the creation of high quality meditation content.

Its going to be fun ride.....are you joining us?

Becoming a Meditation Content Creatrix

sign me up

sign me up

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over this 3 day portal, you'll learn

The easiest way to script a meditation that you can use over and over again

The sacred stages of a transformational meditation, to empower you to create your own

How to channel potent meditations for your clients (both Live and Pre-recorded). You'll learn how I moved from being in fear of channeling, to being a channeling queen

the best platforms to download royalty free music, to make your meditations high quality and unforgettable

How to connect your client to their soul/channel within 2 minutes 

how to record a meditation, add music, export as an mp3 and then upload for your clients to easily download (full tech lesson here!!)

platforms that I personally use for meditation content inspiration

Recommend equipment for high quality meditations (hardware + software)

how to trust your own divine channel (and allow God/Source/Spirit to move through you)

On day 3 we'll bring it all together with a step-by-step guided tutorial of how I create high quality mp3 audio files, overlaid with music, so you can get creating your own magic + creating with your community ASAP.


On day 2, you'll learn how to 'channel' transformational meditations for your clients/students/community. I'll teach you how I do this for pre-recorded audios AND for a 'live' setting. You'll also learn how to 'script' meditations with ease.,


On day 1 we'll lay the foundations (software, hardware, royalty free music, basic meditation stages) + all the need to knows to get you confident in your meditation content creation journey. It's really so much easier than you think!


Module 01.

The Schedule

Module 02.
Module 03.

I've got answers


what happens when I join?

When you sign up you will receive a celebration email from me welcoming you into this sacred portal! You'll also receive login details into your membership area within the Kajabi Platform.


60 - 90 minute each

This is what you'll learn in each module:
Module 1 - Introduction, Hardware + Software, Mindset
Module  2 - Live + Recorded Channelling
Module 3 - Putting it all together. Full Tech Tutorial on how to create high quality meditation mp3.

Bonus Q+A - Answering the most common questions.

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